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sunday stash 4.2


Michael Miller’s Mirror Dots
rice ~ platinum ~ white ~ onyx

I fell in love with Mirror Dots the first time I saw them!  Could that be years ago now?  I’m happy to say Michael Miller is still selling them.  I bought these last year and waited for the perfect project to use them.

I thought the fabric might be slippery to work with but I was so wrong.  I pre-washed all the fabrics together with a color catcher and the catcher came out perfectly white after the wash.  The fabric is a little softer after washing and is a dream to sew!  It doesn’t slip at all.  In fact it is such a nice weight I found that I didn’t need to use pins at all ~ even when sewing curves.  I’ll share my quilt with you another time.

I still have Mirror Dots in pink, lavender, aloe + lagoon ~ they’re not going to be part of my stash for long!

I linked up with Work-in-Progress Girl who’s hosting this week’s Sunday Stash.




  1. They are luscious…I can’t wait to see the pink, lavender, aloe + lagoon project!! What fun fabric. I’m going to ck them out!

  2. Aren’t these gorgeous?!!! Love to see what you’re making with them, Diane. Somehow the shimmer makes these dots look classier than regular dots.

  3. What is not to Love! Plus they are those wonderful rich deep colors that we seem to have in common. Have fun Dotting away–I look forward to seeing the creation.

  4. Fun prints! I never did buy any of the mirror ball prints, but seeing them here makes me wish I had done :D

    • I have a feeling you’re a lot like me ~ I’ve never met a fabric I didn’t like! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I too love these fabrics. I think the black mirror print looks like it has leather circles and I was so surprised after I touched it and realized it wasn’t.

  6. I look forward to seeing what you make with these. I also have some of this fabric that I won last year.

    • How fabulous that you won them ~ sorry I missed that contest! You’re going to love working with them.

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