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doing cartwheels!


Do you see the stick figures in these pics of my quilt?  To me they’re doing cartwheels.  And so was I when I made it in Joe Cunningham’s Craftsy class – Pattern Free Quilting.  Joe really helped me step out of my comfort zone.  It was the first time I ever made a quilt without knowing what it would look like when it was finished.  It was fast to make and sooo fun.

CW closeupJoe has a quick and creative way to make the Rail Fence blocks which are the basis for the quilt.  Then he shows you how to systematically make choices to arrange the blocks into a design that you find pleasing.  I free motion quilted straight lines in both directions, varying the spaces between the lines.  The top fabrics are both 100% cotton while the back and binding are 100% white cotton flannel ~ so nice to snuggle under.

It finished at 36″square.  Which is interesting because if you look at the two photos, the quilt on the right looks more rectangular than the one on the left.  You also see this optical illusion in person depending on which way you turn the quilt!

I linked up with Sarah at Mila and Cuatro who’s hosting this week’s Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday.



  1. That is so awesome! A little ‘out of our comfort zone’ is good for us every once in a while!

  2. Rose Braun

    Love this quilt Diane. This is something I may try one day. Thanks.

  3. It looks fantastic, I love this sort of quilt, I’m big on improvisational piecing. I haven’t heard of Joe’s craftsy class, but I’ll definitely check it out, thanks for sharing. And one side does look longer than the other, definitely slightly rectangular. Thanks for linking up!

    • I’m so glad you were able to see the different sizes ~ optical illusions can make you think you’re going crazy sometimes!


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