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a fraction

The six fat eighths given to us for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Riley Blake Fabric Challenge were indeed a challenge for me.  I’ve been tortured about how to use them since I got them in early October.  As I told my guild last week ~ “I’ve gone from planning a baby quilt, to a wall hanging to a pin cushion!  If I don’t get started this week ~ it’s going to be a mug rug!”  I wasn’t kidding and when I did start making the pin cushion it was a disaster!

So back to sketching some more ideas.  I wrote the words “an eighth” and  realized that I wouldn’t normally write the words out.  Instead as a scientist I would just write 1/8 ~ my wall hanging was conceived.

I started playing with fabrics (again).  I liked how the orange circles were a great contrast to the gray stripes.  I added a thin strip of dark navy solid as the fraction slash and made the numbers out of Riley Blake’s small multi-colored dots in orange, red, gray and navy.  I echo quilted the numbers, used dark navy thread to outline them using the blanket stitch, and the edges were finished with a satin stitch using white thread (all done on my sweet Baby Lock).  The quilt finished at 10″ wide by 12″ high.

Photo Jan 23, 10 25 37 AM

My favorite part is how the straight line quilting ended up on the dotted fabric, while the rounded quilting is on the striped ~ serendipity!

rb closeup

As I made this, the numbers seemed familiar to me.  It was my sister, Corinne, who made the connection.  It’s my birthday!  I was born on January 8th ~ duh!!



  1. What a great original design! I love the contrast in the quilting with straight on curves, etc. And a happy late birthday to you!!

    • Hi Christa,

      I’m blown away that you left me a comment! I’m such a huge fan of yours ~ you’re so incredibly talented. I’m thrilled that you like my little quilt.

      Thanks so much. Diane

  2. corinne calesso

    Looks great! I’m proud of how u pushed thru to make this YOURS!!

    Love Crin

    corinne calesso (is) traveling mobile 917-573-0009


  3. That’s It! The short time I have known you–I listen in awe-while I wonder how your mind thinks. You have the gift of creativity and intelligence that collide into AMAZING ART! The pieces now fit. And look at “1/8”– It is Perfect!

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