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do blogMy word for 2014 is a simple one – do!

I have to include the exclamation point to imply “do it now.”  Whenever I (try to) start a project,  I waste time changing my mind about the quilt pattern, my fabric choices, etc.  Sometimes I never begin the project because of my indecision.  I even started looking in the dictionary for a different word!

Instead, my word motivated me to go to my stash and pull out scraps of hot pink (my favorite)  along with black + white fabric squares I had previously made.  I threw them on some batting and started rearranging and trimming until I liked the design.  I treated the made fabric like applique pieces and used spray adhesive to keep everything in place ~ I felt like a little kid again gluing colored construction paper onto poster board!  I sewed all the pieces down with decorative stitches and bound it with white twill tape. The finished little quilt is 15 1/2″ h x 12″ w.

I selected my word and made my quilt in response to the New Year Challenge at 15 Minute’s of Play.  Be sure to check out what’s inspiring other quilters this year.




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  2. I can’t see your do quilt :( . I have been making a list of words for this year. I feel like I need to make a full size quilt because of words that popped in my head when I thought about the challenge, haha.

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