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3 times’ the charm!

blue heart

My great niece Samantha’s birthday is next week.  I designed and cut out the pieces for a bedspread for her right before Sandy hit last year!  So when I went to sew the quilt together I wondered why did I wait so long? Answer – I wasn’t crazy about the design.  It wasn’t colorful enough for my exuberant Sam. Quilt #1 down the drain.

I regrouped. I took some of the cut pieces from try #1, added more mottled solids to the mix and decided to make a bedspread using Hope Nelson’s Zig Zag Love pattern.  I loved the idea that Sam would be enveloped by bright hearts at night.  My least favorite part of the quilting process is the ironing.  If you notice the above heart, it has seven seams for a 4 inch square .  Now I have patience to cut all the pieces and enjoy sewing such a block but the ironing was a drag!  My goal this year is to be more playful making quilts – this wasn’t fun.  Quilt #2 out.  But what to do with my bin of cut fabric?heart tub

I knew I had many quilt options to use 2 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ rectangles: coinsmosaicsmake fabric. Hmmm – if I join my rectangles, short end-to-end, I’ll have made my own jelly roll.  Then I remembered this modern log cabin quilt made by a fellow guild member, Rachel.


Quilt #3 is born. Thank’s Rache!  And it’ll be fast which is good because my deadline is 7 days away. Since hearts led to this design I thought it was appropriate to have them as the center of my expanding log cabin.  sam bd

Now I’m having fun!



    • Thanks Jess! All those little white squares that I was working on at the retreat will be going into my stash!

  1. corinne

    that’s a winner Diane!! Such a subtle but important of the design process is when to edit, when to stop, when to push on. I keep getting that sense in all these older projects you’re finishing. Now that’s a learning curve! CC

    • It’s funny you call it a winner – I said the same thing about another blogger’s quilt just this morning! Thanks, that means a lot to me!

      I think some of my choices are due to old age. I don’t want to waste time on something that I don’t enjoy doing. :)

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