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In January I joined the 2013 Finish-A-Long (FAL) hosted by Leanne at She Can Quilt.  I picked five of my unfinished projects to complete in three months.  I made great progress and I’m thrilled to say that four of them are done!

  •  My niece’s wall hanging for her wedding anniversary which turned into a hearts quilt just for her – she’s now separated from her husband!

michelle hearts  michelle closeup

  • B+W+Red strippy quilt made along with my nephew


  • Christmas wall hanging


  • Wall hanging – Ocean Eddies.  The back was made using fabric scraps. I’ve been looking at it too long because the random blocks of color remind me of an abstract wave cresting!

eddies front eddies back

  • This just leaves the bedspread for my great niece’s birthday which will be at the top of my list for the second quarter FAL!


  1. lynda willard

    these are beautiful, diane. it would be fun if you could see what goes on down here in chestertown, there is a huge guilting club. every year there is a king size quilt made for auction proceeds going to handicapped kids. the local bank hangs the clubs’ quilts on the walls, library also. so many beautiful pieces. you are aging with beauty, class and style, just as i remember you.

  2. cococrin

    Hi busy Diane! Congratulations- since some of these projects have been around for a while, were you aware (when you returned to them after some time) that your skills had since advanced or your aesthetic had shifted since the time you’d begun the projects?

    • Hmmmm – there’s no simple answer to your question. Every time I make a quilt I strive to improve my techniques and to try new things. Since starting these quilts I learned about the online modern quilt movement. Maybe I did leave these in the dust to try creating more modern quilts like the ones I admire.

      But I still love these finished projects and I’m so happy that they’re no longer hidden among my fabric stash!


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