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tea time – 3

blog3I’ve been having such a wonderful time working on my quilt for the Tea Towel Challenge hosted by Victoria Findlay Wolfe at 15 Minutes of Play.  It’s still on my design wall and I really like the direction it’s taken:

I flipped the first border of half square triangles (HSTs) so that the solid black fabric edges the towel. I no longer need the polka-dot trim to separate the towel from the border.

I also decided to add more colors to the border of made fabric.  I went digging into my stash and I had a rainbow of mottled solids leftover from a baby quilt  – perfect!  I chopped off random sizes of triangles from the fabric and used them as the centers of the floating triangle blocks.  It makes the quilt so playful, just what I want on my sewing room wall!

Next came the embroidery on the towel pennants which I blogged about here.

I was going to applique “my studioQ” (what I call my sewing room) on the base of the sewing machine with made multi-colored fabrics.  So I printed out some possible letters and auditioned them:

font choices

  • left pic – Yikes, those applique letters sure over power the quilt!  Try something else
  • center pic – I tried other fonts on my computer, papyrus looked the closest to the lettering on the towel.  I moved the paper letters further to the right, to cover the printed name of the towel’s designer, and traced the letters onto the towel.
  • right pic – I embroidered the words but “my studio” was too dark or prominent for me. I clipped them off (much easier than ripping a seam out).  I was going to re-embroider them with only one strand of floss but I like it with just the large Q.  It’s like an abbreviated nickname for my sewing room.

I wanted to make the quilt bigger.  Adding more floating triangle blocks didn’t wow me. So I tried out some tumbler blocks:tumblers

They just reminded me of a jester’s harlequin costume!  Another reason I didn’t like them was that they were too perfect for the “feel” of this quilt. I wanted something less precise.  It dawned on me that I could use the remaining colored triangles I had cut to make wonky HSTs.  I’ll share how I make them on my next and hopefully final blog!hsts

I’m off to play!



  1. cococrin

    Diane- what’s the overall size of the quilt? I like the idea that you’re making this for yourself! And your special room!

    • Thanks cococrin for stopping by!

      Without that new border the quilt will finish about 28″x 40″. If I add the new border at the width shown the quilt would be 36″x 48″. This is still a work in progress and either estimate could change!

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