my first give away and it’s a doozy!


I hope you’ll join the Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop.

I have and here’s what I’ll be giving away:

poseidon blog

It’s the Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Poseidon Fat Quarters bundle.  You’ll get 21 fat quarters, 5.25 yards total.  Gorgeous!  Don’t the colors just make you dream of the Caribbean?

To have a chance at winning this bundle, post your answers to these two questions, just once please:
1. Which aesthetic best describes the quilts that you make: Traditional, Art or Modern?
2. Which blog or website has most influenced your quilting? (please include the address)

To get you started here are my answers:
1. modern
2. Heather Grant’s Modern Day Quilts

The winner will be chosen by a random number generator at noon (EST) on Monday, March 18, so be sure to include your email address if you don’t have a blog.

Thanks soooo much for participating – I can’t wait to read your answers!



  1. Hi from New Jersey! I would say mine are traditional and modern at the same time :) But I really would make any style. I just like to push fabric through the sewing machine :) LOL! I would say Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project. She pretty much taught me to FMQ with her blog and videos :)

  2. I’m a scrappy traditional quilter, but I like to use current fabrics, not reproductions. I tend to pull ideas more from books than blogs, so I’d have to say that is my inspiration.

  3. Oh, those are some of my favorite shades of blue. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. I’m mostly a traditional quilter.

    I have been blogging regularly for almost a year and that has had the most influence on my quilting in that time frame. www, I have read Bonnie Hunter’s blog and Judy L.’s Patchwork Times blog for many years.

  4. Debby

    I like modern and Tula Pink!! thanks for the opportunity

  5. Mom C

    If you have been reading the comments about modern quilting and the narrow definition it has taken, I do not consider myself a traditional quilter, I make all kinds of quilts with all kinds of non traditional patterns but I’m definitely not an art quilter, nor am I modern in the sense of only plain colors, minimal design and lots of negative space. I just love to quilt. I started my quilting journey by reading Happy Quilting Melissa and have branched out from there. Thanks.

  6. Brenda Hulsey

    Traditional for me. Bonnie hunter is a favorite! I love scrappy quilts!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  7. Nancy Singer

    I tend to lean towards the traditional, but with a modern twist! I’m most inspired by Bonnie Hunter’s blog – – I really like her projects, and enjoy seeing all the photos of quilts that she sees during her travels.

  8. Diann Cornell

    I think of my style as modern, but I do a little of everything. A favorite site of mine is:
    mainly because I love paper piecing and she has wonderful patterns.

  9. I love all forms of quilting. I’ m a traditionalist moving toward modern.
    This is the website that inspired my appreciation for Modern Quilts. In fact she up started our local modern quilt guild here in Charlotte of which I became the Treasurer. Love seeing the creations of the members!

  10. Laura G.

    I lean towards modern quilting but I’m open to most kinds of quilting since I am still pretty new at this. Right now I’ve been working on my free motion skills so I’ve been looking at

  11. What a fabulous collection of fat quarters- I love blue and green together – just like the sea. The first blogger that I ever read was Bonnie Hunter at quiltville.
    You can find her here : She is one talented lady and I have enjoyed my blogging journey that began a couple of years after reading her blog ( and many others too) There are some great bloggers out there- very hard to choose just one.
    Regards from Alberta Canada,

  12. Boy you weren’t kidding when you said it was a doozy!

    I am so new at quilting that I really do not have a style yet….. but for now I am working my way through traditional piecing…..

    I love Amy Smart over at Diary of A Quilter

    Beautiful blog and giveaway! Thanks for everything.

  13. I have made mainly traditional quilts, but I have been dragged out of the box lately by quilt challenges. I did a couple of art quilts and loved it! SewCalGal blog has inspired me beyond my comfort zone. Thank you for the great giveaway and the chance to win.

  14. Wow, a duzy is right. What a lovely giveaway! I am much more traditionalist…with a touch of modern ;) this is my ‘home’ on the internet. Wonderful Ladies, beautiful quilts, lots of laughs.

  15. What lovely fabrics you’re giving away! Thanks for participating. Most recently I have been making modern quilts; before I was making more traditional quilt patterns but with a scrappy twist. I think has most recently influenced me. Thanks for offering such a great question. I will have fun looking at the responses of other commenters and visiting their most influential websites!

  16. Lou

    I am moving from the traditional to the modern and having a blast!!!! My house is all antiques and now there are modern spots in it:) Eclectic I think is the term:)
    My fav blogs are Angela Walters and Moda Bake shop.

  17. Andrea

    This is indeed quite the prize; thank you for being so generous!

    I’m a traditional quilter, and the most influential blogger is Bonnie Hunter. Although I began quilting before the internet, her scrap system has helped me tame my stash. I now feel excited by it rather than paralyzed. :)

  18. I guess I would have to say traditional although no category best describes what I like…paper piecing. Yet it is not really modern as it doesn’t usually contain all of the negative space I attribute to the modern movement.

    I most often am inspired by Kristy at

    When not paper piecing my go to usually very traditional
    Thanks for the absolutely over the top giveaway and yes it does remind me of the Caribbean. You can rest assure if I won it it would be going into a modern quilt though!!!

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