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a dilemma – wonky or zaggy?

Our quilt guild decided to join in on the Scrappy Trip Along (STA) online mania.  So we all made blocks.  They are so addicting that some members made several and one member ended up with her own STA quilt!

Since we all sew differently I discovered that the blocks which were supposed to be 12 1/2″ would need to be trimmed to 11 1/2″ squares for uniformity.

I wasn’t sure how this would look in the STA quilt so I ironed two blocks down to 11 1/2″ squares, photographed them together, cut+flipped+duplicated the pic and came up with this Wonky-STA:

Womky STA

Not bad especially since we are a modern quilt guild.  But I wondered what else we could do.  So I treated the blocks as “made” fabric a la 15 Minutes of Play.  And here’s a facsimile of the new Zaggy-STA  quilt after sewing, photographing and some pic manipulations as previously done:

zaggy STA2

I personally like the Zaggy-STA but that’s probably because I created it!  I’ve asked the other members which they prefer for our charity quilt.  The vote is still out!

03/03/13 Zaggy was the winner with a vote of 10 to 2!



    • Thank you Sherri! I just discovered your wonderful blog. I hope one day I’ll be able to take one of your creative, fun classes!

  1. stipplequilt

    How neat! It really gives it a different look!

  2. You know I like the Zaggly style :) There is just something about it that is super fun!

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