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why a blog now?

Simply – it’s time.  For quite awhile, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines enjoying many modern quilters’ blogs.  Lately I’ve been feeling like a voyeur peeking into other people’s lives while hiding my own behind closed doors!  So this is the year I share my passion of quilting with all.

I’ve sewn since I was a little girl. I never knew anyone who quilted and I never even owned a quilted bedspread for that matter.  Then I took an adult education class for beginner quilters and I was hooked.  My very first quilt was a bargello wall hanging made with beautiful batiks in mostly vivid blues with splashes of magenta and emerald-green.  I called it Atlantis Rising.  I would love to show you it but since moving I’ve managed to lose it – ugh!!

I then developed an infatuation for black and white (B+W) fabrics.  My next six quilts all were monochromatic.  I designed them using Electronic Quilt, EQ5.  I referred to them as my study in B+W+Rainbows:


in between I used more than one color with B+W:


and started a Cathedral Window quilt which ended up as a pillow when I realized how much I dislike hand sewing!

cw pillow2     cw closup


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